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Why You Should Choose a Pyroclassic

True Kiwi Innovation

The Pyroclassic Wood Fire was developed by scientists at the DSIR (New Zealand Department of Scientific & Industrial Research).

They were tasked with creating the ultimate solution for burning wood in the most economic and environmentally conscious way and so, after years of design and research, the Pyroclassic was born.

For more than 40 years, this unique kiwi fire has led the global market in efficiency.

The ‘Heat Sustainer’

Secret to Pyroclassic’s Overnight Burn 

Pyroclassic’s ceramic cylinder, the ‘Heat Sustainer’, stores more heat than any other conventional wood fire through a slow and even release of its heat over an extended period.

Weighing in at a whopping 45kg (for Pyroclassic IV), the Heat Sustainer is formidable thermal mass capable of absorbing and storing an abundance of heat.

Heat Sustainer Pyroclassic Chamber

Ceramic Heat Storage

Vs Conventional Wood Fires

The great thing about the steel in a conventional firebox is that it absorbs heat rapidly BUT that also means that it releases that heat rapidly too! Industry-standard fire bricks are incapable of storing the same level of excess heat, making it almost impossible to achieve extended burn times.

By comparison, ceramic absorbs and releases heat at a moderated rate. The formidable ceramic thermal mass of the ‘Heat Sustainer’ is capable of evenly releasing its stored heat throughout the home over a 12-hour period…even after the fire has burned down – hence the name Heat Sustainer!

Pyroclassic IV Wood Fire

Pyroclassic Heat Sustainer Economy

Conventional Wood Fire

Conventional Fire Economy

The Benefits

Of a Large Ceramic Fire Chamber

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Genuine Overnight Burn

Keep your home warmer for longer. The Pyroclassic is one of the most economical wood fires on the market. 

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Reduce Your Heating Costs

Compared to a steel firebox, a hot ceramic chamber will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.

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A Healthier Home

Even after the fire has burned down, the Heat Sustainer chamber will slowly and evenly release its stored heat to fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms. 

Timelapse Video

Overnight Burn in Action

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Environmentally Conscious Choice

Pyroclassic Fires are Ultra Low Emissions Burners 

All Pyroclassic fires are low emission burners, with an emissions rate of only 0.3g/kg – less than half that of most other clean air wood fires. Due to the impressive heat storage capabilities of the fire chamber, Pyroclassic fires consume considerably less firewood. At a fuel consumption rate of only 0.9kg per hour for the Pyro Mini and 1.1kg per hour for the Pyro IV, a Pyroclassic fire is a smart choice for the environment and your wallet!

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Colour Range

Up To 100 Colour Options

If the traditional black box wood fire isn’t for you, then you have come to the right place. Choose from up to 100 colour variations, from bold and bright to classic neutrals. Dare to be different with our colour upgrade Simply choose whether you prefer a Grey or Black fire body (top plate, door and decorative panel) and then explore our huge range of panel colours.

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