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Dry Home Game Plan

Economic 24-Hour Home Heating

Key Benefits:

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Fight Dampness

Keep your home warmer and drier during winter.

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Burn Less Wood

Reduce heating costs.

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Warmer Home

Because a drier home is a warmer home.

The Science

Pyroclassic’s ‘Heat Sustainer’

The ‘Heat Sustainer’ is Pyroclassic’s entirely ceramic fire cylinder. Unlike a conventional wood fire’s steel firebox, the Heat Sustainer’s ceramic cylinder does a better job of storing heat, evenly releasing it throughout the home over a 12-hour period, even after the fire has burned down – hence the name Heat Sustainer!

Compared to a conventional steel firebox, a hot ceramic cylinder will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.

Because your Pyroclassic’s Heat Sustainer is evenly releasing its stored heat throughout the night and day, it can fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms.

Mock Up of Pyroclassic CHamber
Pyroclassic Moisture Meter measuring wood moisture

Step 1

Suitable Wood Fuels


To achieve maximum performance and/or efficiency from our petrol vehicles we use the octane-rated fuel our vehicles were designed for.

A Pyroclassic is no different. To achieve an economic overnight burn, the correct fuel must be used. Denser hardwood is recommended for improved economy.

We recommend burning hardwood that is under 15% moisture. To measure moisture, every new Pyroclassic sold comes with a Digital Moisture Meter. Before accepting delivery of your next load of “dry” firewood, verify the moisture rating with your Digital Moisture Meter.

Ready to Get Started?

A Drier, Warmer Home In 3 Easy Steps

Loading wood into a Pyroclassic

Step 2

Log Size


We recommend chopping your firewood into narrower logs. Because the Pyroclassic burns wood cleanly and slowly, a narrower log of wood ensures it burns right through.

The Pyroclassic IV has a long chamber so we recommend longer pieces of wood that are loaded in the length of the chamber. 

Pyroclassic Loaded with Firewood

Step 3

Loading Strategy


If your home is at a comfortable temperature, then 9 or 10 kilograms (4 to 6 pieces) of hardwood should burn through to the next morning. Don’t expect a roaring fire when you awake. However, 3 to 4 smaller pieces of softer wood placed on the hot embers should ignite the wood in 2 to 5 minutes.

Leaving home for a full day’s work?

4 to 6 pieces of hardwood before leaving for work, should ensure you return to a nice warm home with hot embers ready to ignite the next load of wood.

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